Q: My “Procedure” is incorrect.

Answer: If the upcoming procedure listed in your appointment chart does not match the referral from your doctor this may be due to a simple difference in naming conventions. If you have concerns that you may be scheduled for the wrong procedure, please call the clinic where you are scheduled and ask to speak with a scheduling associate.

Q: When will my results be available?

Answer: Results are first sent to the doctor who referred you to us so that they can review the information in context of your overall health. We generally make results available seven (7) days after your exam. Your referring physician group may request a different hold period which would vary when you could see results. If you have questions on this, contact your referring physician group.

Q: I am unable to view images.

Answer: If you can see your report but NOT images, then you may need to download an ActiveX component designed for Internet Explorer 6.0 (IE6) and higher. Images are made available by using our web based DICOM viewer that does not require a download.

Q: I forgot my username/password.

Answer: First, try to troubleshoot with the tools available on the site by clicking on the Forgot your username or password? link. Follow the steps to obtain either your username or password. If your email is not registered in the system, you will need to contact customer support to verify that we have the proper email address on file.